“Starting to feel better today! I’m so grateful to have found such an amazing team, where everyone listens and actually wants to hear what patients are reporting. It’s just magical.”

-Kelly, age 32

“I’ll be on Medicare soon and they don’t have dental, but I’m staying with Toomey Dentistry. Dr. Toomey is a study in perfection! He listens to me and he explains everything to me. Everyone here in this office is so happy and helpful.”

-Carl, age 74

“I’ve chased a more youthful appearance for the past 15 years with botox, fillers and facials. NOTHING compares to what my new smile has done for me! I could have never imagined the impact it would have on my self-esteem. I haven’t smiled this much in 20 years!”

-Michell, age 55

“I knew from the beginning when two trusted dental specialists, an orthodontist and a periodontist, both recommended him, that Dr. Toomey would be there for me throughout my 2 year process. I’m grateful for his time, his skill, and for putting a team together that cared about me as much as he did… and for making me really proud to smile again!”

-Cheryl, age 70

“I’m sleeping much better with my guard- it’s a noticeable difference in my restfulness the next day. Unfortunately for my wife, I now also sleep thru our one year old’s cries at night!”

-Jason, age 35

“I love my new teeth! They feel great. Dr. T is the best!”

-Ed, age 48

“I’m excited that I did what was best for my mouth, my bite, my teeth, after dealing with teeth grinding and pain for years.”

-Mary, age 54

“Best Dentist I ever fished with!”

-Andy, age 78

“Thank you so much for the time, work, attention & kindness that you deliver!”

-Bri, age 28

“I was having my first cavity filled and was pretty terrified. I met with Dr Toomey and he was talking to me and looking in my mouth. I was waiting for him to bring out the needle. He then left the room, and I asked his assistant when he was going to get me numb. She said that he already had! I was so surprised and was able to breathe a sigh of relief… I didn’t feel a thing!”

-Lisa, age 29

“I’ve been eating corn on the cob like crazy! I love my new teeth!”

-Elfriede, age 82

“As someone who has struggled with lifelong anxiety about dental appointments, I am thrilled to have found Dr. Toomey’s Practice! Because of my past fear of the dentist, I’ve had to have a lot of work completed over the past year. I have had not one ounce of pain throughout any procedure and sincerely enjoy each appointment. The Toomey Team is an exceptional one! I recommend them to everyone I know and am so grateful for their comforting dental care & expertise!”

-Maureen, age 38

“For the first time, I have complete trust.”

-Frank, age 73

“The last 2 days, my jaw has been really moving. However, it’s caused it to fall into a more natural state. Overall, I’m starting to really feel good. My face shape is entering into a more natural appearance as well. Thank you for all of your help! I could not do this without you!”

-Rebecca, age 42

“I was amazed at how quickly my headaches stopped after Dr. Toomey worked on my bite!”

-Sonnie, age 46

“I’ve had the same dentist for my entire life, he told me I had TMJ issues, but never treated it or sent me to someone who could. As I sit here in Dr. Toomey’s office, after my 3rd equilibration appointment, I’m having a moment of gratitude because my jaw has never felt better!”

-Terri, age 47

“My new crowns are beautiful! I love the color.”

-Billie, age 82

“I love Dr. Toomey! I wish my teeth were worse so I could come here more often!”

-Jamesy, age 14