Jaw soreness. Headaches. Waking up tired. Grinding. Even hearing problems. These are just a few of the many symptoms of bite problems. Often, these same patients also exhibit receding gums, wear marks on chewing surfaces and cracked teeth, and many are unaware that there is any problem at all. Fortunately, a great number of those who suffer from these common symptoms can be easily diagnosed and helped.

Dr. Toomey will evaluate your bite to determine if your symptoms are dental-related or not. In fact, a bite evaluation is simple, painless and part of our regular dental exam. After this bite evaluation, Dr. Toomey might recommend that you be measured and evaluated in greater detail to correct the problem permanently. After all, we’re dedicated to improving our patients’ lives by improving their comfort, sleep and longevity of their natural teeth.


Q: Dr. Toomey, you’ve assessed my bite and recommended a bite equilibration with models. What does this mean? What are the costs? What do those costs include?

A: After some initial evaluating, I may recommend you proceed onto further evaluation. This means having one of my dental assistants acquire some needed measurements. They will do this by taking models of your upper and lower teeth. They will also take a measurement between your teeth and your ears, a warm wax bite and photographs. You’ll then make your next appointment and go home. I’ll look at all of the information gathered by my assistants to determine the proper course of treatment for you. If occlusal equilibration is necessary, the cost ranges from $600.00 – $1,855.00. This includes the measurements, analysis & diagnosis with this information, guards (if needed initially), subsequent appointments to properly fit the guard and equilibrate teeth to correct the problem.

Some remarks about Bite Equilibration from our patients:


“I’ve had the same dentist for my entire life, he told me I had TMJ issues, but never treated it or sent me to someone who could. As I sit here in Dr. Toomey’s office, after my 3rd equilibration appointment, I’m having a moment of gratitude because my jaw has never felt better!”

-Terri, age 47

“I’m still in the middle of treatment, but my results have been dramatic already! In particular, less popping and less discomfort when eating.”

-Retha, age 39

“I’m sleeping much better with my guard- it’s a noticeable difference in my restfulness the next day. Unfortunately for my wife, I now also sleep thru our one year old’s cries at night!”

-Jason, age 35

“I wish I could have a whole paragraph to say how much of a difference it has made for me. I had a lot of headaches, jaw and ear pain. After two adjustments, I could feel immediate relief and change in my jaw muscles. I have tried everything else and this was truly like a miracle.”

-Sonnie, age 40

“Tell Dr.T my TMJ’s are doing great and I’ll see him in a few weeks! Thank Dr.T and the rest of the staff. If you knew how bad my joints were, you wouldn’t believe the results I’ve gotten!”

-Kim, age 40

“Hello, Dr. Toomey, like you said, the tooth that was hurting is much better now. The pain is almost non-existent after 4 days. In the morning, the jaw is not tense or stiff, and the end of the workday, I do not have tightness in the jaw like I used to. The pain I reported, associated with chewing on my right side, is also much better. As you can see, I am very satisfied with my improvement since I started wearing the new mouth guard. If anything changes, I will keep you posted. Thanks again!”

-Deborah, age 38

“I called Dr. Toomey’s office the morning after wearing my new B-Splint, to tell them how happy I was with my results. I had a clicking jaw, which had caused so much pain, that I could not fully open my mouth without it hurting. I am so pleased with how I feel already!”

-Debbie, age 40

“I no longer grind my teeth at night. Thank you, Dr. Toomey!”

-Sherry, age 64

“I used to travel with Orajel (for my sore tooth) and Imitrex (for my migraines) at all times. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve used either! It’s very exciting results!”

-Barbara, age 52

“My massage therapist noticed a big difference in my facial, head and neck muscles!”

-Marcia, age 61