On multiple teeth, Dr. Toomey uses a specialized technique to offer virtually painless anesthesia. This nerve block can be
reversed, so you do not have to return to work or continue your day with a droopy lip. If you are particularly nervous, he
can also prescribe oral medicine to assist his local anesthesia.

CompuMed® (“The Wand”)

The CompuMed® instrument allows injections that do not numb the lips, face and muscles of expression. Whether injections make you nervous or not, The CompuMed® instrument helps us provide a more effective anesthetic delivery and the onset of anesthesia is often faster.

Patient Reviews

“For the first time, I have complete trust.”
“I had headaches, jaw and ear pain. After two appointments, I could feel immediate relief and change in my jaw muscles. I have tried everything else and this was like a miracle.”
“The minute we walked in the door, we knew we were in the right place.”
“My massage therapist noticed a big difference in my facial, head and neck muscles!”

“It feels good going to the dentist, which is not something normal!”